Crosswalk Safety

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Welcome new and returning students. This website is a quick reference guide for you to remember how to be Saluki Ready. 


Saluki Skateboard Ready:

  • I am visible.
  • I am predictable.
  • I look before I cross.
  • I look out for pedestrians.
  • I look out for bicyclists.
  • I watch out for cars.
  • I carry my board across ALL crosswalks.


Saluki Rider Ready:

  • I am visible.
  • I am predictable.
  • I wear a helmet.
  • I look before I cross.
  • I ride with traffic.
  • I obey traffic lights.
  • I watch out for cars and people.
  • I walk my bike across ALL crosswalks.


Saluki Driver Ready:

  • I am alert.
  • I am text-free.
  • I drive defensively.
  • I yield to pedestrians.
  • I follow the 3-second rule.
  • I abide by posted speed limits.
  • I look for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • I require seatbelt use in my vehicle.


Saluki Walker Reader:

  • I am visible.
  • I am text-free.
  • I am predictable.
  • I obey traffic signals.
  • I use marked crosswalks.
  • I listen for approaching traffic.
  • I make eye contact with drivers.
  • I look both ways before crossing.