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Biographies of each CAPS counselor are listed below in alphabetical order. To see the staff photos click here.

Kristi Annegers, MA, MA, LCPC

Kristi enjoys working with a diverse caseload of clients, and has several years of experience working with individuals with serious trauma issues, personality disorders, relationship issues, lifestyle challenges, and chronic mental health difficulties. Kristi draws from a variety of theoretical perspectives, but typically incorporates elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and person-centered (Rogerian) therapy into her approach in working with clients. Kristi also has a background in teaching and enjoys providing psychoeducational materials to clients who are interested in learning more about mental illness and the components of healthy living. Kristi has worked in higher education as an instructor, advisor, and counselor and has a passion for working with college students. She is particularly proud to be an SIU alum, and is enthusiastic about serving this university community.

Abby Bilderback, Ph.D.

Abby identifies as a feminist therapist who focuses on the lived experiences and intersecting identities of the individuals she works with. She integrates interpersonal, relational, emotion-focused and Dialectical Behavioral (DBT) theories and interventions. While Abby values working with a diverse caseload in regards to presenting concerns and identities, she focuses on working with individuals who present with concerns related to body image, food issues, and/or disordered eating, as well as victims/survivors/thrivers of sexual assault and trauma. In addition to individual therapy, Abby provides a DBT-skills-based therapy group called “Life Skills” as well as a Women’s process therapy group. She is passionate about training and utilizes a developmental approach and collaborative style within supervision. 

Jaime Clark, Ph.D.

While Jaime likes working with a diverse caseload of clients presenting with a variety of issues, she is particularly interested in working with clients recovering from trauma, interpersonal relationship difficulties, eating disorders, and chronic mental health difficulties. She also has research, assessment, and clinical experience working with student-athletes and students who have ADHD or learning difficulties. She likes to look at each individual through a multicultural lens, taking into consideration their unique experience and culture in order to increase my understanding of their circumstance. She draws from a number of theoretical interventions and perspectives, but tends to draw heavily from Interpersonal Process theories and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Stephanie Duckworth, M.S.Ed. NCC, LCPC

Stephanie Duckworth, an alum of SIUC earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology with a specialty in School Counseling in 2004.  Stephanie has experience working in a mental health residential setting and outpatient mental health and substance abuse services.  Her clinical experiences and interests include anxiety and mood disorders, and harm reduction. Stephanie has an eclectic therapy orientation often incorporating Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused interventions. 

Bob Grimmer, MS, LCPC, CRADC

Bob is an alum of SIUC where he earned his Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. He has spent a large part of his clinical career working with individuals with complex learning disabilities, and substance use in combination with other mental health difficulties. Bob has worked in public and private preparatory schools, experiential wilderness therapy settings, and residential treatment centers. He finds work with diverse student populations in residential settings to be rewarding experience that continues to help him grow. Bob draws heavily from Mindfulness based counseling practices that have a focus on guided practice for reducing rumination, stress/anxiety, emotional reactivity, and increasing cognitive flexibility.

Christy Hamilton, Ph.D., LCPC, CADC

Christy values working with our diverse students at SIU, and she strives to create an empowering and affirming environment for all of her clients. Christy particularly enjoys working from a multicultural and feminist perspective, thus focusing on intersecting identities and systemic oppression dynamics. Christy has gained most of her experience from clients presenting with interpersonal difficulties, childhood and adult sexual trauma experiences, sexual health related concerns, substance use concerns, and grief/loss. Her therapy approach uses an integrative style guided by client needs, but approaches used most often include, person-centered, interpersonal, relational, emotion-focused and skills-based/harm reduction philosophy.  

Frank Kosmicki, Ph.D.

Frank enjoys working with a wide range of clients and has particular interests in working with individuals with interpersonal problems, trauma histories, attachment issues, personality disturbance, and impulse control problems. His therapy approach tends to be primarily relational and dynamic. He also has interests in psychological assessment and forensics.

Rich Scott, Ph.D.

Rich enjoys working with a variety of clients and presenting concerns. His main interests include training/supervision, LGBTQ identity/wellness, multicultural psychology, suicide prevention, trauma, identity development, first generation and non-traditional college students, Latino psychology, and the impact of stigma on therapy. Rich’s work with clients incorporates developmental, interpersonal, multicultural, emotion-focused, and person-centered approaches.