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How do I become Immunization Compliant? Main Content

Step 1: Download form 

Download the Immunization Compliance Form and complete the “Contact Information” area AND 1) have a Licensed Health Care Provider complete the rest of the form OR 2) submit required immunization records.

Step 2: Get your Records


  • High School Records:  The Illinois state health form must include both sides of the form. School computer printout must state school name, address, and phone number. These may contain some, but not all, of your immunization information. Your immunization records do not transfer automatically. You must request a copy.
  • Personal Shot Records:  Must include a signature and the name and location of the providing facility (e.g., physician, health department, etc.).
  • Military Records or World Health Organization (DD2766, MEDPro, DEERS, or WHO documents):  These records may not contain all of the required immunizations.
  • Previous College or University:  Must include college name and address. Your immunization records do not transfer automatically; you must request a copy.

Step 3:  Submit completed Immunization Form and Records

  1. Email:
  2. Fax:  (618) 453-4452
  3. Mail to:

    Student Health Services
    Immunization Compliance
    374 East Grand Avenue - MC 6740
    Carbondale, Illinois 62901

  4. Bring documents to the Immunization Compliance Officer in the Wellness and Health Promotion Services located on the 1st floor of the Student Health Center.
  5. Go to a New Student Orientation, where Student Health Services will have a table staffed with employees to answer your questions and collect your documents.

How to obtain your Immunization Records: