Counseling Appointments

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How do I make an appointment?

Appointment Fee: The fee for session 1-12 is $10.00, and most patients complete therapy within 12 sessions. You may pay cash for each session or charge the fee to your bursar bill.

Cancellation Policy: Appointments must be canceled at least TWO HOURS prior to the appointment time. Appointments not canceled accordingly and late arrivals will be assessed a $15 fee.

What to expect:

You will speak with our Counselor on Duty who will in turn discuss your needs with you and make a determination about how best to serve you. If you are in crisis, you will be seen very quickly.

If you are not in crisis, you will schedule an appointment to complete forms and have an intake interview. The forms take about 20 minutes to complete. They include demographic information, your schedule, and questions that tell us how you are functioning in various areas of your life. After you complete the forms, you will have your intake interview. You will meet with a counselor who will go over your concerns in detail and ask more general questions about your life and functioning. Once the intake interview is complete, the counselor will recommend a specific treatment for you, based on his or her professional opinion, and will write up a short report based on what you discussed. After that, a group or counselor will be assigned to you to provide the service that will best meet your needs.

The intake is usually scheduled within a week of your first contact with us, but this depends on your schedule and your availability. We attempt to assign clients to a group or counselor within two weeks of their intake.