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Compliance Requirements

All students enrolled in more than 5 credit hours on campus are required by Illinois Law (Public Act 85-1315) to provide proof of vaccinations for tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, and meningitis. Documentation of the required vaccinations must be on file at Student Health Services before the 10th day of class for their first term of enrollment on campus to avoid a registration hold.

Tuberculosis (TB) Requirements

All International students are required to complete a mandatory Tuberculosis (TB) screening.  This (TB) screening MUST be done at the Student Health Center.

Immunization Requirements

  • TETANUS-DIPHTHERIA-AND-PERTUSSIS:  All students must provide proof of 3 Tetanus vaccinations containing Pertussis (DTP, DPT, DTaP, or Tdap). One dose must be a Tdap. One dose must be within the last 10 years (Td, DT, or Tdap). TT is not acceptable.
  • MEASLES-MUMPS-RUBELLA: 2 are required. All doses must be on or after 1st birthday at least 28 days apart, and after 12/31/67.
    • If Rubeola (Measles), Mumps, or Rubella vaccines were given separately, the same guidelines apply (2 doses of each, on or after 1st birthday, and at least 28 days apart). Both measles vaccinations must be after 12/31/67.
    • Positive serum titers are also acceptable proof of immunity.  Copy of lab reports MUST be attached.
  • MENINGITIS CONJUGATE:  1 required on or after 16th birthday. Applies to students under age 22 only.

Documentation Requirements

  • Our Immunization Compliance Form is NOT required, but highly recommended. A physical exam is NOT required.
  • Immunization records may be obtained from your high school, previous university, or health care provider.  Please note that records do not automatically transfer from one school to the next; you must request a copy.
  • Military or World Health Organization records (DD2766, MEDPro, DEERS, MIL-CONNECT, or WHO documents) are acceptable.
  • Records MUST include name, address, phone number, and signature of the health care provider verifying the immunization information.
  • Immunization/health records must be legible.
  • Any immunization/health records not in English must be legible and accompanied by a certified translation.

Records are not complete until they are reviewed and verified by SIU Student Health Services.

You will be notified through your SIU email account if your records are not complete. If you need immunizations and are already on campus, they are available at SIU SHS.  Please call 618/453-4326 to schedule an appointment. The cost of immunizations is covered by the optional SIU Student Health Insurance. SIU does not accept any other insurance.  


Students may request exemption from immunization requirements based on age (born prior to 1/1/1957), religion, or medical contraindication. Please contact Immunizations at 618/453-4326 to request information or assistance. 

Updated 11/15/16