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Health Insurance Requirement

SIUC requires all students that are taking on-campus courses to have health insurance. To meet this mandate, all students taking on-campus courses will be billed the student health insurance fee. Students who already have comparable health insurance coverage may waive the fee by completing the waiver process prior to the posted deadlines. All students taking on-campus courses, who do not complete the waiver process by the posted deadline, will be automatically enrolled in the SIU Student Health Insurance Plan and will not be eligible for a refund.

Students who are registered for ONLY web based-distance education courses are not eligible for the Student Health Insurance Plan.

If it is your intent to enroll in the student health insurance plan, it is strongly recommended that you enroll yourself as soon as possible. Doing so assures you have access to off-campus benefits on the effective date of the policy.

The Student Health Insurance Plan provides health insurance coverage that complements the Student Health Center, covering expenses such as pharmaceuticals, immunizations, and off-campus services such as emergency rooms, hospitalizations, surgery, ambulance, and specialty care.

United Plan Summary (Student Health Insurance Plan)

Student Health Insurance Referral Requirement (PDF)

Directions to waive your Student Health Insurance for domestic students. International students have a different process. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (tab 3) below on this webpage for directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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