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Health Insurance Requirement

Download the Fee Waiver/Enrollment Periods for 2018-2019.

SIUC requires all students taking on-campus courses to have health insurance. To meet this mandate, all students taking on-campus courses will be billed the student health insurance fee. Students who already have comparable health insurance coverage may waive the fee by completing the waiver process prior to the posted deadlines. All students taking on-campus courses, who do not complete the waiver process by the posted deadline, will be automatically enrolled in the SIU Student Health Insurance Plan and will not be eligible for a refund.  If it is your intent to enroll in the student health insurance plan, it is strongly recommended that you enroll yourself as soon as possible. Doing so assures you have access to off-campus benefits on the effective date of the policy.

The Student Health Insurance Plan provides health insurance coverage that compliments the Student Health Center, covering expenses such as pharmaceuticals, immunizations, and off-campus services such as emergency room, hospitalizations, surgery, ambulance and specialty care.

Aetna Student Health and Gallagher Student Health are working together to support the health insurance needs of the students at Southern Illinois University. 

2018-2019 Aetna Plan (PDF)

Student Health Insurance Referral Requirement (PDF)

Fee Waiver Period

Registered Term Fee Waiver Period Opens Deadline
Fall 2018 General Waiver Period 7/16/2018 8/31/2018
Petition to Waive Period 9/01/2018 9/07/2018
Spring/Summer 2019 General Waiver Period 12/10/2018 1/25/2019
Petition to Waive Period 1/26/2019 2/01/2019
Summer Only 2019 General Waiver Period 5/06/2019 6/14/2019
Petition to Waive Period 6/15/2018 6/21/2019

The General Waiver Period is the allotted time frame for students to complete the insurance waiver forms required to receive a credit for the Student Health Insurance fee. A small percentage of these waivers will be audited for accuracy and comparability to the student plan. Out of State Medicaid, and plans that do not provide coverage that is comparable to student plan may not be accepted.

The Petition to Waive Period is the allotted time frame for students who have missed the General Waiver Period deadline, but would still like to waive the Student Health Insurance fee. The required forms have additional questions, and 100% of the Petitions to Waive will be audited for accuracy and comparability to the student plan.  No waivers are allowed after the Petition to Waive period.

 Enrollment Period

Registered Term Enrollment Periods Opens Ideal Date Final Deadline
Fall 2018 General Enrollment Period 7/16/2018 8/01/2018 8/31/2018
Petition to Add Period 9/01/2018 N/A 12/10/2018
Spring/Summer 2019 General Enrollment Period 12/10/2018 12/21/2018 1/25/2019
Petition to Add Period 1/26/2019 N/A 2/01/2019
Summer Only 2019 General Enrollment Period 5/06/2019 5/26/2019 6/14/2019
Petition to Add Period 6/15/2018 N/A 6/21/2019

The General Enrollment Period is the allotted time frame for eligible students to actively enroll themselves and eligible dependents. Completing the Active Enrollment process before the Ideal Date helps to ensure that off campus benefits are accessible (i.e. insurance cards) on the effective date of the plan. Eligible students who do not Waive or Actively Enroll, will be automatically enrolled only after the Petition to Waive period is over. Waiting to be enrolled automatically will delay access to off campus benefits for up to 4 weeks after the plan effective date.

Petition to Add Period is the time frame in which a qualifying event (i.e. loss of insurance, turning 26, etc.) is required for dependents and students to be added on to the Student Health Insurance Plan. Changes in course registration may be an exception to this rule only for eligible students.  

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