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Mental Health and Support Resources
Mental Health and Support Resources

Mental Health is a pressing and growing issue among college students, yet many students lack knowledge of mental health signs, symptoms, and resources. Student Health Services seeks to address this challenge by raising awareness of mental health needs and increasing access to support services on campus and in the community. Our hope is to improve the emotional well-being of the student population by encouraging help-seeking behavior.

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Campus Support and Resources:

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS counselors provide supportive, affirmative, trauma-informed, and confidential services to SIU students. Individual, same-day, group, and couples counseling is available. A wide range of treatment techniques and specialized services are available to meet the unique needs of our diverse student population. Counselors are available at multiple locations on campus Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 to 9 p.m., excluding university closures. Please call 618/453-5371 to schedule an appointment at one of our locations.


Counseling and risk assessment support after 9 pm, on holidays, and during campus closures is available by calling Connect@SIU at 1-833-434-1217. Students outside the United States may call +1.984.268.2016 for services while abroad. Connect@SIU also offers on-demand wellness programming, including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, and more, through our partnership with Uwill. Uwill provides a free, easy-to-use online platform to help you relax and recharge your mind and body. Create a profile with Uwill and select wellness from the left navigation. If you need any assistance, reach out directly to Uwill at


The Mindwise tool offers anonymous mental health and substance use screening. Through a variety of brief questionnaires, students may check in with their thoughts, moods, and behaviors, as well as gain helpful materials and resources.


Psychiatry services include psychiatric evaluation and medication management provided by a psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse. Located within the Student Health Center medical clinic, the psychiatrist works closely with medical and counseling professionals. You can call 618/453-4346 to determine if your medication needs can be supported by the medical clinic or to make an appointment with the psychiatrist.


The Peer HEROES support program facilitates peer educators supporting students living with mental health conditions. In addition, mentors provide education on behavior change strategies, intervention skills, and self-care methods.

Confidential Advising

Survivor-centered assistance is provided to SIU students that have experienced dating or domestic violence, stalking, and/or sexual harassment, misconduct, or assault while enrolled at SIU. Non-judgmental emotional support, reporting assistance, and accommodation management are provided in a safe environment. Call 618/536-4441 for assistance.

Wellness and Health Promotion Services (WHPS)

WHPS provides health promotion and prevention education to equip students with the skills needed to make effective choices regarding their health and wellbeing. Resources and programming are provided on a variety of topics that impact student success, including physical, nutritional, and sexual health, alcohol and other drug harm reduction, violence and suicide prevention, stress management, resilience and coping skills, and health equity. Visit to request a presentation, training, or event.

The Dawg Lounge

This free, walk-in stress management lounge is located in the Student Health Center. Individuals are invited to utilize the relaxation features which include massage chairs, water and light features, yoga and meditation tools. Light therapy and biofeedback machines are also available, though our biggest attraction is our support dogs, present on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The HEROES Hideaway

This stress management zen-den is located in the HEROES Headquarters in the Student Center. This open area offers tranquil, multicultural mindfulness features, including a massage chair, a water feature, and yoga and meditation tools.

The Wellness Covid Memorial Donor Garden

This stress management garden, located outside of the Student Health Center, is home to donor recognitions and the campus’ Covid memorial. This environmental wellness locale offers a memorial mural, reflection pool, and other sensory-inspired nature features. Individuals are welcome to rest, relax, and reflect.

Saluki Cares

Saluki Cares facilitates and coordinates a university-wide program of care and support for students in distress. The program offers students a supportive and encouraging partnership by linking them with the appropriate resources so they may overcome personal and educational barriers on their path to success. Our office works closely with faculty, staff, students, and their families. The Saluki Cares team can help students with issues surrounding, but not limited to:

  • Adjustment Issues
  • Academic Performance Concerns
  • Homesickness
  • Financial Stress
  • Deaths (Student/Family)
  • Extended Illnesses
  • General Welfare Concerns
  • Other Signs of Stress

Visit for more information.

Higher Education Resources and Opportunities for Salukis in Need (HEROES)

HEROES provides individualized support and assistance for SIU students experiencing housing insecurity, food insecurity, and other financial challenges that may interfere with academic success and overall well-being, including access to healthcare, transportation, personal care items, and school necessities. To contact the HEROES Liaison, please call 618/453-3311 or email

The HEROES Headquarters

The HEROES Headquarters, located in the basement of the Student Center, is a resource center that offers mentoring and support services, communal and study areas, a stress management den, and a basic needs store next to the Saluki Food Pantry. The store offers essential supplies, including sheets, towels, microwaves, refrigerators, and other crucial supplies, including toiletries, for students in need. Click here to request items and make an appointment.

Community Support and Resources: