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Ask the Dietitian

If you have a nutrition-related question, please visit the dietitian page.

Transitioning to college is hard enough without having to worry about what and how you are going to eat!

Wellness and Health Promotions Services is here to help! Take a look at the helpful links below, and contact us to schedule a health to go workshop!

Are you experiencing eating challenges? Learn more about how Student Health Services assesses eating challenges and provides a treatment plan.


Dormet Dining Cookbook
Whole foods, gourmet recipes, college lifestyle.
A collaboration with Wellness and Health Promotion Services and SNAC.

Healthy Eating Tips

A diet is simply what you eat each day. Create balance in your every day with these healthy eating tips:

  • Start with small changes
  • Honor hunger cues
  • Create habits, not restrictions
  • Think about healthy additions to your everyday
  • Balance meals with all food groups

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

  • Shop local: try the local Carbondale Farmers Market on Saturdays or visit the Campus Sustainability Farms sale on Wednesdays in the Student Center.
  • Buy in-season produce.
  • Buy staple household items in larger quantities.
  • Check out our Dormet cookbook for quick, dorm-friendly recipes.


Nutrition Smartphone Apps

  • myfitnesspal
  • Cronometer
  • MyPlate
  • Fooducate 

Nutrition Facts


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