Eligibility, Fees, and Payments

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Eligibility For Services

  • Eligible Students: Current SIU Students charged on-campus General Fees and who are not receiving a faculty/Staff employee waiver for this fee.
  • Eligible Faculty/Staff: Current SIUC Faculty and Staff with SIU Sponsored Employee Health Insurance are eligible for Urgent Care services only (medical, Lab, X-ray). Student work positions do not qualify for staff eligibility.

Other Eligibility

Under certain circumstances, individuals who have NOT paid the On-Campus General Fees may be deemed eligible to purchase the Optional On-Campus Health Benefit (OOCHB). This is the equivalent of paying a portion of the On Campus General Fees directly to the Student Health Center. Individuals deemed eligible to purchase the OOCHB will have the same benefits and fee schedule as an eligible student (see eligible student fee schedule). The criteria to be deemed eligible to purchase the OOCHB include:

  • Current SIU student taking only on-line courses or courses that were NOT assessed the on-campus General Fee, and who are NOT eligible for a faculty staff fee waiver.
  • Previous SIU students for ONE additional semester immediately following a completed semester in which the student was registered for SIU courses.
  • The Spouse of an Eligible student or spouse of a deemed eligible student that has purchased the OOCHB for the current term.
    • Spouses purchasing the OOCHB are not eligible for Psychiatric or Counseling services, except for couples counseling.
  • Extraordinary circumstances as approved by the Director or designee.

For more information regarding the Optional On-Campus Benefit, please visit our Information Desk located on the first-floor lobby in the Student Health Center or call 618-536-7575.

Optional On-Campus Health Benefit Form


  • Eligible Students: Those students who have paid the General On-Campus fee are charged a $10.00 service fee for each provider seen Additional charges may apply.
  • Faculty/Staff/Retirees: The usual and customary fee schedule will be billed to your insurance carrier. Office visit co-payments are due at the time of service.

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Dawg
  • SIU Bursar Transfer for SIUC students only (OOCHB Fee can not be transferred)
  • Insurance billing is limited to certain visit types.


Additional charges may be assessed with some services. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Crutches
  • Durable medical goods (braces, splints, etc.)
  • Immunizations
  • Late cancellation and appointment no-show fees
  • Medication administered in the clinic
  • Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications in the pharmacy


Student Health Services does not submit insurance claims for patients in most instances. However, Student Health Services will submit claims on behalf of patients under the following circumstances:

  • Immunizations and prescription medications only for those students enrolled in the Student Health Insurance plan or the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) insurance plan
  • Students injured in a motor vehicle accident to the motor vehicle plan only.
  • Students injured under worker's compensation to the worker's compensation carrier only.
  • Eligible Faculty/Staff or Eligible Retirees for Urgent Care Services.

All patients are responsible for charges denied by their health insurance.