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Students can experience psychiatric difficulties while away at school that can interfere with their academic success and personal lives. The psychiatry clinic is staffed with a psychiatrist and two psychiatric nurses that work closely with our psychologists and mental health counselors. Services include psychiatric evaluation and medication management.

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ADD/ADHD Protocol for Treatment

Students previously diagnosed and treated for ADD/ADHD by an outside medical provider may choose to be followed for their condition at Student Health Services while they are attending Southern Illinois University.Before the first appointment is made for continuity of care for students with ADD/ADHD, we must have received copies of your medical records that include the following psychological testing results:

Students that have never been diagnosed or treated for ADHD/ADD must have the same psychological testing completed prior to consideration of treatment being initiated by a provider at Student Health Services. Students may also be asked to give permission for our staff to speak with parents/guardians about the diagnosis.

This testing is not available at Student Health Services, but we can provide a list of testing resources available in the community at the students' expense. A portion of the costs associated with psychological testing may be covered by the students' health insurance.

Psycho-stimulant medications are not provided to patients that are currently using or dependent on controlled substances or have a history of an eating disorder. Random drug screening may be conducted at any time.

Students followed at Student Health Services for ADD/ADHD are also encouraged to participate in Behavioral Therapy at the Counseling and Psychological Services. A standard door fee will be charged for these services.

Some college departments, such as the Law School, may require comprehensive psychological testing before providing academic accommodations for students with disabilities. Students with ADD/ADHD may also request accommodations for certain board or graduate school admission exams. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the appropriate college office or examining board to receive more information on receiving these accommodations. Disability Support Services can help guide you through this process.


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Campus Resources for Students with ADD/ADHD

Psychiatry Services for Evaluation and Treatment:
For questions or appointments, Phone: (618) 453-4346
For records and testing results, FAX: (618) 453-4088

Counseling and Psychological Services:
Phone: (618) 453-5371
FAX: (618) 453-6151

Disability Support Services:
Phone: (618) 453-5738
FAX: (618) 453-5700


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Examples of Required Psychological Tests

Assessment instruments for ADHD (two or more of the following):

Cognitive/Intellectual Testing (one or more of the following):

Achievement/Academic Skills Testing (one or more of the following):

Personality Tests

The need for personality testing is at the discretion of the evaluator, dependent on the student’s history, report, and presentation:


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