Violence Prevention

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Violence Prevention

Violence is a serious public health problem that affects people across the lifespan and often leaves lasting physical and psychological impacts. The good news is that violence is preventable! Wellness and Health Promotion Services is leading our campus toward a violence-free future by providing information, education, resources, and referrals related to sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. Our goal is to help survivors, friends, loved ones, and allies find the information and resources they need to help us end violence before it happens.

If you require more information or would like to talk to someone in person about any topic on this site, please go to the web portal or call Wellness and Health Promotion Services Confidential Advisor at 618-453-4429. If you prefer, you can even stop by and make your appointment in person.

If you are a survivor in need information about your options and places to find help and support please click the button below.

Are you a survivor and need help?

Our approach to Violence Prevention

  • Individual
    • Prevention strategies at the individual level promote attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that prevent violence. Wellness and Health Promotion Services provides a variety of presentations and workshops that  promote healthy attitudes and behaviors related to relationships and sexuality.
  • Relationship
    • Prevention strategies at the relationship level include conflict resolution skills training and health relationship skills training.
  • Community
    • Prevention strategies at this level impact the social and physical environment. Wellness and Health Promotion Services works to educate the campus community about Bystander intervention  approaches and mobilize men and boys as allies.
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