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There are many methods of birth control which can help sexually active students prevent pregnancy. Birth control options vary widely in effectiveness. It is important to have all the facts when you are considering your options. Choosing the birth control method that is right for you often involves a conversation between a student and a doctor (and sometimes a partner). Information provided here can be used as a resource, but is not meant to take the place of those conversations.

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Birth Control


Low cost birth control options are available at SIU Student Health Services. The cost of birth control devices or prescriptions is dependent on the type of insurance coverage a student has. To determine your coverage simply call the number on your insurance card and ask what birth control is covered at what cost by your insurance carrier.

Student Health Services offers low cost birth control devices and prescriptions for students on the United Healthcare Student Health Insurance Plan. Talk to United Healthcare for specific limitations to birth control coverage. Any SIU student regardless of insurance status or insurance carrier can be assisted by Student Health Services. Contact us here to make an appointment with a health care provider.